QSTEP: Statistical workshop

A workshop designed to support students in their QSTEP statistical methods modules

James Tripp


August 18, 2019

Code on GitHub


QSTEP asked me to support their students in their statistical methods modules. The aim was to provide hands on R work with various statistical methods, as used in my Psychology PhD, including:

A focus throughout the sessions were to consider why one model is chosen, what research question it addresses, and how to evaluate the models ability to capture (or failure to capture) the pattern in the data.

Links to the rendered output are below. For the original R markdown files see the link above.

File Topic and HTML link
regression-1-1.Rmd Basic introduction to bivariate regression
regression-1-2.Rmd Simple model evaluation
regression-1-3.Rmd Applied example using the British Attitudes Survey data
regression-2-1.Rmd Basic introduction to linear regression
regression-2-2.Rmd Basic multiple regression
regression-2-3.Rmd Applied example using the British Attitudes Survey data
bridge.Rmd Summary/catch-up workshop
bridge2.html Working with categorical data